The 2010 Community Forum:
Understanding and Preventing Window Falls Among Children

The Stop at 4″ Campaign and Task Force were developed as a result of the 2010 Community Forum, which was held in the winter of 2010.  The forum highlighted issues around pediatric window falls by providing input from experts of other areas of the country that are committed to tackling the issue; by sharing efforts that have been undertaken in Oregon, and by initiating discussions on the next steps we can take as a community.

Forum Goals:

1.) To describe the problem of child injury and death due to falls from windows,
2.) To consider the full range of countermeasures: education, engineering, and enforcement,
3.) To identify local stakeholders and interested parties, and
4.) To develop a local window safety coalition to take the next steps in prevention.

Forum Presentations:

Human Factors Involved with Pediatric Window Falls; Gary Sloan, PhD
Family Stories; Ashley Reck and Emily Blumenauer
Oregon Data on Pediatric Window Falls; Diane Winn, RN, MPH
Chicago Overview: Lessons Learned; Karen Sheehan, MD, MPH
History of Window Fall Efforts in Oregon; Jeff Merrick and Richard Vangelisti
Window Safety Product Overview; Safety Product Demonstrations
Codes, Mandates and Enforcement; Teri Cline, Richard Rogers, Karen Sheehan, MD
Safe Kids Education EffortsLegacy Education EffortsTualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Education Efforts; Adrienne Greene, MPA, Sandy Nipper, RN, Joanne Hatch
Additional resources: 2011 Oregon Residential Specialty CodeParker’s Handout , and TVFR Flyer (English & Spanish).
Please see the forum agenda and brochure for more details.