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Homes with second and third story windows pose a fall-risk hazard unless they have built-in limiters, which might be found in newer homes. For most windows, a window stop or window guard will need to be installed. Most window falls occur to children ages 2 to 5. Remember, screens are not designed to withstand the weight of a child–they are intended only as insect screens and are designed to be easily removed. To protect your child, make sure your windows can’t be opened more than 4 inches.

Window Safety Products: Education, Selection and Installation

Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel in Portland is a regional resource for window safety education and related products for the home. The Safety Store and Resource Center offers personalized 1:1 consultations regarding proper installation and use of the products they sell. Please visit The Safety Store and Resource Center for more information.

For Practical Help, click here for the worksheets below:

  • Windows that may pose a fall risk
  • Know your window type
  • Window stop options (things to consider before choosing a window stop)
  • Window stop selector grid (product recommendations)
  • Window guard options (things to consider when choosing a window guard)
  • Window guard selector grid
  • Measuring single- or double-hung windows for guards
  • Measuring slider or casement windows for guards


To order product, or find a local retailer, please go to the Where to Buy Window Products tab on this website.


Safety Information

  • Keep furniture and anything a child can climb on away from windows.
  • Only allow windows to open 4 inches or less and install window stops or guards to keep children from opening them further. (Be sure an adult can open them in an emergency).
  • Teach your children to play a safe distance from any window and that “screens keep bugs out; they do not keep kids in”.
  • Remember, windows also serve as an emergency escape. Be sure windows can open without special knowledge or tools.
  • When buying new windows, ask for ones with built in 4-inch limiters.



Stop at 4 Brochure in English (Pdf)

Stop at 4 brochure in Spanish (Pdf)

Window Safety Poster in English (Pdf from CPSC)

Window Safety Poster in Spanish (Pdf from CPSC)

Video on window safety (from CPSC)

Video on How to Install a Window Guard (from Safe Kids USA)