The Stop At 4″ Campaign is running a Window Safety Challenge for National Window Safety Week!

ChallengeSTOPat4” is dedicated to the memory of Parker Reck, who died in 2009 after falling out of a window. We believe that all kids deserve to grow up safe, healthy and injury-free. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 3,300 children ages 5 and under, fall from windows annually in the US. Some children die and some have other physical trauma that can be life-altering. The mission of Stop At 4″ is to educate the public about window safety and prevent window falls. Window falls are predictable, therefore preventable.

Follow the four easy steps to our Window Safety Challenge:

How do you measure your peace of mind? By installing window stops or guards. I just accepted the Window Safety Challenge! I challenge name, name, name and name to:
– Post your less than 4 inches for safety on Facebook within 4 days. (picture of something that’s 4″)
– Donate at least $4 to (Click here to DONATE).
– Copy & paste this message on Facebook and challenge 4 friends to take the Window Safety Challenge!
– Like our page: FACEBOOK PAGE and FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW and you will be entered to win a full set of KidCo window stops for your home.

Enter to Win!

Enter to Win!

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