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For a Window Opening Control Device to meet the ASTM F2090 standard, it must be applied in a way that limits the window opening to less than 4 inches, needs two motions to open it (such as holding it open against a spring while simultaneously moving the window past it), and it must automatically reset when the window is closed.  Window Opening Control Devices should not be confused with window opening limiters (devices such as those that clamp onto the track, wedge the window, or block the track like window sticks) that do not carry the "two motion" characteristic necessary to make it a Window Opening Control Device.  These might be sold as "window security" devices, but they may not qualify as a Window Opening Control Device.

Window Guards classified as fall prevention devices are found inside the window.  They consist of horizontal or vertical bars (sometimes netting in place of bars) which are inserted into holding bars that are screwed into the inside window frame.  The guards are released by depressing two separate, spring-loaded pins and collapsing the telescoping tubes into themselves, thus reducing the size of the guard so it can be removed from the holding bars. 

Safety Screens are a specialized screen device that can retrofit to an existing window.  "Normal" window screens have a basic function of keeping insects out when the window is open.  A normal screen has a nylon or light metal mesh held into an aluminum frame by wedging the screen fabric into a groove so that it is held in place with a rubber cord inserted into the same groove.  Safety Screens are of a more robust design and intended to provide a level of strength that can meet child safety standards while serving as an aesthetically appropriate screen that also keeps out insects.   It uses a steel mesh clamped into a steel frame to create a much more rigid assembly. 


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