April 5 – 11, 2015 is National Window Safety Week

Annually in the US, window falls account for approximately 8 deaths and 3,300 injuries among children ages 5 and under, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.  In Oregon, 26 children fell from windows in 2014.

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Key messages for families:

  • Keep furniture and anything a child can climb away from windows. (Children have climbed on furniture, toys, and laundry and fallen out of a window.)
  • Keep play away from windows and enforce the rule. (Play one or two steps away from any window.)
  • Install window stops or window guards (On windows that are 72 or more inches from the ground outside.  Make sure they can be removed by an adult.)

Download and share the Window Safety Key Messages flyer!


Bus Poster


During April, C-Tran buses traveling between Vancouver WA. and Portland will be displaying this colorful message.

Window falls are predictable, therefore preventable.  Although the numbers are down from 2013, we continue to need your help to reduce the risk of injury to children – please explore this website to learn about window safety and take action!