Warm Spring and Summer Weather Increases Risk for Child Window Falls

As spring approaches, we open our windows. Spring is the most dangerous season for window falls, where children are most at risk. Safeguards can prevent window falls. Have you properly safeguarded your home?

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Safe Kids Worldwide reports 3,300 children
under age 6 fall from windows every year.

How can I prevent child window falls?

  • Keep furniture and anything a child can climb away from windows. Children have climbed on furniture, toys, and laundry and fallen out of a window.
  • Keep play away from windows and enforce the rule. Play one or two steps away from any window.
  • Install window stops or window guards on windows that are 72 or more inches from the ground.  Make sure they can be removed by an adult (incase of fire or other emergency).

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The Campaign to Stop Window Falls grew out of concern by  injury prevention specialists who were seeing a high number of children  entering the trauma system in Oregon from falling out of second-story  windows during warm weather.  While relatively few children die from  this, one child, Parker Reck, died in 2009.  This campaign is dedicated  to the memory of Parker.