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It Can Happen To Anyone...


Becca and Jason Cunningham experienced the fall of their child Thomas from the window of their home.  Luckily, he survived.  The video below shares their experience and what they learned.  They have become members of the Stop At 4 effort to prevent child window falls.​


Jennifer and Andrew Curry experienced a child window fall with their daughter Beckett.  At age 4, Beckett fell from the 2nd story window of the family home.  She suffered a concussion and fractured wrist, but recovered fully.  The Curry family have become staunch advocates for child window fall prevention and have joined the Stop At 4 team.  Even young Beckett has a strong message for anyone who will listen.  She says "Never play in screens, otherwise you might fall out because it can be dangerous!"


Jason and Ami English experienced the fall of their child Evan from the window of their home on a Hawaiian military base.  Evan did not survive the fall.  Their story is below.  The English family is part of a national effort to change codes to make homes across the nation safer.

Cunningham Family
Curry Family
English Family

Which Children Are At Risk For Window Falls?

  • In the U.S. 3,300 children age 6 and under fall from windows every year.  On average, 8 children die each year.  70% of falls are from second or third story windows.

  • Window falls often happen while caregivers are busy making dinner, doing chores or entertaining.

Need More Information?

  • What are Child Window Safety Products? click WINDOW SAFETY PRODUCTS 

  • Child Window Fall Prevention Tip Sheet? Click HERE

  • Children's Book - Are you looking for a book to share with your children to help them understand window safety?  Click HERE for the link to "If Kids Could Float" at  To view an interview with author Becca Cunningham (see her video story below), click HERE

How To STOP A Child From A Window Fall? 

  • Keep windows closed and locked

  • Teach children to keep away from windows and enforce the rule (play one or two steps away)

  • Move furniture or anything a child can climb on away from windows

  • For windows that pose a fall risk

    • Install window stops that allow windows to open less than 4 inches - OR

    • Install window guards on windows you will open more than 4 inches

  • Adult must be able to open the above safety products in an emergency

  • If purchasing new windows, ask for built-in safety limiters (window opening control devices)

  • Ask about window safety in places your child visits

  • Share this information with child care providers, grandparents, friends, neighbors that may have children visit their homes


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